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Providing inspirational spaces & housing typologies, which encourage younger generations to stay and live in rural locations, in ever more challenging markets can be difficult.

Our proposal aspires to address this by providing roomy & flexible houses with high quality private external space whilst at the same time being part of a larger connected arrangement resulting in the creation of a new garden courtyard, suited to modern communal living.

We created a simple base typology which can be used no matter the number of bedrooms provided. All aspects of the design have been conceived with a democratic approach so that each new home will have a special quality.

We have developed a 2 storey unit which incorporates 1 or 2 homes, a terrace at first floor, a garden courtyard & garage at grade. This allows each living space to have direct access to an outdoor space that can be used for recreation, outside dining, childrens play & also has good sunlight & aspect for views. This solution has created 40 special units where each one has a high quality of varied living spaces.

The concept of the terraces, garages & courtyards not only screen the high number of parking spaces on site but the also provide an excellent opportunity for future expansion either for growing families or in the creation of new spaces to work from home.​

By bringing all vehicles into the centre of the site it leaves the periphery to be used as private gardens. This also reduces the impact of driveway access points along the street & preserves the existing hedgerows.

The central space is planted as a garden and is intended to have a soft, richly landscaped core with a harder shared surface around the edges for pedestrian and vehicular access to each unit. This space could also incorporate areas for communal play, recreation, & outdoor exercise all of which is important for a healthy lifestyle.

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