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The masterplan, by Dixon Jones, sets out a new vision which grasps the potential for the site to transform the area into a new city quarter, benefiting from the excellent connections back to the city.

The masterplan envisages a grand city scale, with new public spaces including city squares, public gardens, pedestrian boulevards as well as a series of contained private gardens offering a range of outdoor activities for the residents to enjoy.

The proposed apartment blocks are generally of 7-8 storeys separated by generous streets that have been designed to minimise the impact of cars. Approximately 1600 new homes are proposed.

Within this context 380 new homes are proposed, located at the southern end of the masterplan, within easy access from the railway station to the south-east and fronting onto the large public gardens to the north. The site has the potential to orientate to the south to take advantage of both the sun and views to the Pentland Hills.

The plans are interchangeable to conform with Housing for Varying Needs, and have broad frontages ad good outdoor amenity space with generous openable glazing.

B01 - large openings.jpg
C01 - large openings.jpg
int H01.jpg
E02 garden - large openings.jpg
int A02.jpg
int B01.jpg
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