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A purpose built education centre is the first phase in the upgrading and reorganisation of the existing facilities at the site of the old Grizedale Hall, Cumbria.

This illustrated how we developed an attitude to the technological challenges for a large education space and resolved them into an integrated architectural response to the site and the wider context. The client was very keen to amplify the sustainable agenda which underpins any building project today and to this end this building celebrates both formally and actively the use of passive ventilation and natural light. A further ambition of the client was for the building to have a strong visual presence and relationship to the parkland of the former Grizedale Hall immediately adjacent to the site.

The organisation for the building is very simple and utilises the existing motor workshop as the ancillary accommodation to support the new education room. The education room is proportioned to be as flexible as possible for school parties or conferences being roughly square with a very strong orientation to the South light and long views of the parkland. This southern wall is composed of a series of horizontal layers to allow light views and air to be controlled in a variety of ways.


Shortlisted RIBA Award 2011

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