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Our proposal is a prototype for 2-3 bedroom two storey courtyard houses which can be configured in a variety of ways. In this configuration they are arranged as a row of mews houses which gently step down the slope separating private gardens from a shared entrance courtyard.

Our aim is to respond to the following:

• To create buildings that are simple to construct and easy to maintain, using low tech materials in an inventive way.
• To create a clear, legible and elegant streetscape
• To allow for adequate parking but diminish the impact of cars on the site
• To create homes that appear to be bigger than they are, planning for long through views and three dimensional connections between the main spaces
• To create homes that are sustainable in construction and in use by employing materials with a low carbon footprint where possible and to integrate renewable technology unobtrusively
• To create homes that can adapt to different tenures in response to Lifetime Homes guidance
• To create a repeatable typology
• To orientate buildings and gardens to exploit sunlight

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