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This short-listed masterplan design reinvigorates the space between St Helier's bay and historic town. Gradual development over the years and the introduction of a 4 lane boulevard has separated the town from the sea-front.


The main strategy extends Gloucester Street as a tree-lined pedestrian promenade into the new waterfront development creating an important link between the Parade, Esplanade and Coast. The axis connects various public spaces and building such as the General Hospital and Jersey Opera House towards the waterfront and becomes important corridor for both well being and culture. Newly introduced public facilities such as the proposed Art Gallery / Library / Cinema complex and the possible future swimming pool will have active frontages along this extended Gloucester Street promenade.

The curved waterfront becomes part of a continuous pedestrian and cycle route defined by a strong graphic surface and aligned with sculptural seating and light columns. It will re-invigorated by contact with the bay, breathing new life and interest into this important centre for social interaction and activity in Jersey. Necessary improvement for future flood protection provides the impetus to create a wider, more generous waterfront. This creates more space for promenading and ‘staying’ activities, whilst also increasing flexibility for spontaneous and unplanned activities. The result is a more dynamic experience of the bay landscape and more “space for life”. Part of the proposals incorporate wetland habitats which will purify surface water run off before being discharged into the bay. This system of waterfront wetlands may also be utilised to purify the discharge of former -now culverted - streams to reduce the level of nutrients in the bay which has contributed to the excessive bloom of sea lettuce in recent years.


Silhouette of l'Ermitage, Jersey - Victor Hugo


The Hermitage


Roof scape & urban grain 

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