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Located in the former industrial quarter of Newcastle the project engages with grassroots developments along the Ouse Valley. The early start-ups in the area include a performance venue, a childrens library, craft brewers and design agencies.

The proposals delivers dense, loft style apartments organised around a rear courtyard accessed via a single pend - a nod to the mills historically located here - all atop a mixed use base providing a home to a cycle repair shop, artisan bakery, coffee shop and craft brewing pub.

The client currently runs a small bicycle repair shop and coffee shop from a dilapidated warehouse on the site. Working closely with the council they have acquired the derelict land to either side of the warehouse in order to develop the proposal.

Apart from developing an underused part of the city, the proposal extends accross Lime Street to the river banks where the Ouse Burn boat club mooring facilities are to be improved as well as significant enhancement to the public realm - extending the bankside boardwalks to connect both across the river and to existing path networks.

The residential component of the scheme delivers a mixed tenure of 50 apartments with the majority being a range or 1 and 2 bed units aimed at providing higher quality starter flats in a market severely deprived of good affordable housing.

The units are all dual aspect, living spaces face over the street to the Ouse Burn and the bedrooms all face the rear courtyard. These are accessed via communal stair cores with no more than 2 flats per landing and 8 flats per stairwell to promote a close knit community spirit across the development.

Lime St  Front 03 Final LR.jpg
View 04 - Brick Surround - 01.jpg
Lime St - Aerial with Doocot 02.jpg
Lime St  Front 02 FINAL.jpg
View 02 - Brick Surround - 01.jpg
Lime St Rear 01-4.jpg
GA02 Ground.png
GA04 Second.png
Lime St Penthouse Interior 02 FINAL with
GA 20 East & West Elevations Opt 1A.png
Lime St  Front 01 FINAL-5.jpg
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