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The site for this modest little cottage is located on the shore of Lake Windermere on a steeply sloping wooded copse by the edge of Cunsey village.

The proposal is a replacement for the existing dwelling on the site which is of modest scale and accommodation, providing a compact retreat for two people. The Shack, as a sustainable holiday location, offers direct rail connections to the Scotland -London main line. This means the journey for many will involve disembarking from Windermere station, a lazy ferry across the lake to Cunsey, from which it is a short walk to the entrance gatehouse of the shack. A walkway traverses the site to the front door from which you ascend to the living space to discover a view of the secluded and sheltered plateau within the site and from there up to the bedroom culminating
in views back out over the lake and the distant views of Blackwell.


The materials selected for the building are in sympathy with the surrounding woodland. The main body of the building is clad in vertical timber boarding. Natural larch panels and glazing are contained within this frame. A sedum roof is used both for environmental stability internally and to reduce the carbon footprint of the building.


RIBA Award 2011

Shortlisted Manser Medal 2011

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