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A new factory for the production of Cornish Yarg cheese (a nettle-wrapped hard cheese). Our client wished, for reasons of sustainability and image, to locate the factory on their own farmland. This called for a building that would be both sympathetic to its highly visible rural location and yet as economic as any B1 industrial estate unit, whilst fulfilling all the requirements of a flexible and
expandable floor-plate with hygienic walls, ceilings and floors.


The inception of the project coincided with the foot and mouth outbreak, a time when the farming industry was in chaos and the government espoused diversification. The planners were therefore willing to consider an application on the understanding that the building would be as discrete and as sensitive to its surroundings as possible.

The client was also concerned about running costs and issues of sustainability, bearing in mind that the whole factory is essentially a large refrigerated unit. As a result energy conservation was paramount.


RIBA National Award 2002

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