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On the site of an old hospital in Newport on Tay, Netherlea is designed around the views across the Tay to the city of Dundee to the North. The site steeply slopes, which offers the multi-storey houses a clear uniterupted view, also poses access issues which has formed the main challenge of the design response.

The proposal provides 29 housing units each with one, two or three bedrooms. The site is divided into four sub-plots each containing a free standing building, further subdivided into smaller units with open pends in between. There are four main flat types in total providing a variety of layout configurations.

The units have been designed to mediate between public and private space giving the resident opportunity to choose between the activity of the public spaces or privacy of private gardens. The position of public rooms (living/ kitchen /dining rooms) relate directly to an external amenity space, whether a garden, terrace or balcony, forming important interfaces between inside and outside, private and public space.

The North aspect over the Tay is the main focus of the flats, but they are also divided into smaller masses with vertical slots between units to respond to the typical dimensions of the surrounding villas, which at 2 storeys they relate to in scale as well.

Apt 01 and 02 Across Garden Close Low 01 FINAL.jpg
Apt 02 West Balconies High FINAL.jpg
Apt 02 1 Bed  Balcony Interior - Image 07 FINAL.jpg
Apt 03 NE Corner FINAL.jpg
Apt 04 Upper Internal - Image 02 FINAL.jpg
Apt 04 North Facade Low - South Sunlight FINAL.jpg
Apt 04 Upper Internal - Image 01 FINAL.jpg
View of Apt 02 and Garden - High FINAL.jpg
Apt 01 and 02 Close High FINAL.jpg
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