The proposal provides 29 one, two and three bedroom housing units aimed at providing new contemporary homes for local home owners who plan to downsize. Newport-on-Tay has many large Victorian villas but very few contemporary houses that provide modern qualities with the expansive views across the River Tay towards Dundee. The proposal subdivides the site into four sub-plots each containing a free standing building, further subdivided into smaller units with open pends in between. There are several flat types providing a variety of layout configurations, each with aspect to the river.

All units have been designed to:

• mediate between public and private space giving the resident opportunity to choose between the activity of the public spaces or privacy of private gardens
• position public rooms (living/ kitchen /dining rooms) to relate directly to an external amenity space (gardens or balconies) forming important interfaces between inside and outside, private and public space.
• be orientated to optimise solar potential and aspect towards the River Tay.
• linear blocks have been divided into smaller masses with vertical slots between units to respond to the typical dimensions of the surrounding villas
• maintain views from neighbouring properties.


The proposal aims to:

• Create an appropriate setting for the development, integrating residential proposals within a streetscape where roads do not dominate,
• Create a hierarchy of private, semi private and communal space supporting flexible community living and an active use of the external
• Integrate planting within the development to reinforce its distinctive character as well as supporting biodiversity objectives,
• Create a distinctive environment, both contemporary and complimentary to the quality of the wider area.

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