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The building is conceived as a simple square plan with a perimeter of black charred pine tree trunks ‚‘staked’ into the ground. An inverted roof of black zinc sits over the accommodation, allowing rainwater to fall into a small central courtyard at the heart of the building. The courtyard comprises of a floor of gravel with a single pine tree acting as a visual focus from the entrance hall and the exhibition hall. The pine is a counterpoint to the surrounding black charred tree trunks, symbolising hope, regeneration and life itself.

The exhibition hall is desgned as a single volume, modulated by the inverted roof above, with the small courtyard providing the interior focus at its heart. At the South West corner of the space, a tall narrow window allows visitors views across the wild flower meadows to the West. In addition, a fully glazed screen along the North facade provides views into the pine woodland towards the memorial site and is punctuated by the charred timber external skin.

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