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Located by the sea front in the narrow lanes of Venice Beach, this proposal comprises of a three bedroom house with an autonomous studio apartment, each accessed separately by independent external terraces and amenity spaces.


The house is organised around a full height courtyard void over a pool, allowing light to penetrate into the deep plan. On the lower floor the bedrooms all have an aspect inwardly over the pool whilst the street facing elements deal with parking and separate studio apartment access. Above this, the open plan living spaces are once again organised around the courtyard with a central staircase leading up to the roof terrace, containing a fire pit and terrace kitchen. Here, the surrounding timber screen can be opened up to enjoy the views out to the beach, or closed down to shelter from the prevailing wind.


The studio apartment is perched on the upper floor and can be opened up to be used as further accommodation for the main house or closed off to remain private.

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