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The Xiling master-plan sets out to establish the National Park and its surrounding area as a major tourist attraction, whilst promoting a clear framework for the preservation of a vital natural ecosystem of national and international importance. 


As part of this wider masterplan SHA were asked to develop proposals for the future expansion of  Xiling Town. These interventions weave in new routes and structures to extend and enhance the existing grain. It is a gentle architecture which respects the scale of the historic street pattern. 


A pedestrian promenade was devised enabling people to walk a circular route around the town.  This route constantly refers back to the river. A new street to the north-east, over the old  floodplain, and a new pedestrian bridge connect to the existing street pattern on the north bank.  


Buildings cling to the  south bank in order to reinforce the relationship of the town with the water. This accommodation comprises of small-scale chalets and hotels with shops and restaurants at street level, enjoying views over the river.

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