A new public arena is proposed to complement the adjacent Workshop facilities in the Bill Scott Sculpture Centre. It is intended to be a significant public space to promote art in the city of Edinburgh. It would allow for the flourishing and exposition of the process and work produced by ESW on a local, national and international level.


An architectural promenade (which is open during working hours) surrounds an outdoor arena linking a series of spaces with different spatial qualities. The rooms provide low maintenance internal and external environments, from small to large scale for events and the production and exhibition of work. These spaces are predominantly clad in brick - a robust low maintenance material complementing the proposed Workshop whilst echoing the industrial heritage of Hawthornvale.


The new structure is off set within the site boundary, maintaining a band of mature trees and vegetation around the perimeter. A stepped route between the Workshop and Creative Laboratories provides 24 hour access between Hawthornvale and the cycle path.



Civic Trust Award 2016


Architect's Journal Volume 242 Issue 20

Architecture Today 262 Oct 2015